Zhandou is a MOBA style combat game with a  unique fighting system that allows almost unlimited freedom to fight how you and your team choose too. It supports popular VR platforms as well as the PC platform (Non-VR).

With is foundation in Chinese Mythology players will do battle in many different environments from mythological realms to alien landscapes.

Currently Zhandou is the only MOBA Asian Themed action game developed for VR and Non-VR.

KX Games has been able to seamlessly incorporate the classic action games format (FPS and 3rd Person) into VR.

Players will not only control their own characters but they will have also the power to control enormous machines to defend themselves, their teammates and their bases and/or areas they control.

Players will use powerful spells and/or martial art combat combinations in a combat system that is truly unique. Players will be able to customize their attacks to how they see fit.  Whatever style the players want to use they will be able to do it.

Teamwork is key.  Players will have different responsibilities based on the role they choose. From defensive style combat where they will commandeer massive “Mech” like creatures, offensive hand to hand combat, as well as ranged based combat using powerful magic or ranged weapons.  But the combat does not end there.  Players will be able to capture and control massive dragons and other mythological creatures to use to their advantage in either defense or offense.

In team matches, coordination and strategy will mean the  difference between victory and defeat.  Running around mindlessly shooting monsters and other players is not going to get you or your team very far in Zhandou.

Currently we are at “early release”.  This release is limited to one simple map and four playable characters. There will be many huge and unique environments at launch (full release).  Each environment will have its own story according to its mythology.  These environments will play a big part in Zhandou. It is planned to give players the ability to construct their own bases to defend with little effort to build them, as well as the possibility for players to create and sell their own characters.

It is planned for Zhandou to have a in game “micro transaction” market.  This will NOT be a pay to win market however.