George Xiao – Owner/Founder KX Games

George brings 15 years of experience to KX Games. His extensive knowledge of game development and to a greater extent the gaming industry has lauded him multiple awards from trade shows like China Joy.

His professional experience ranges from Production and Direction to Animation/Motion Capture, Level Design, and Graphic Art. Games he is credited for are:

EPIC Games – Animation Director “Gears of War 2”

UBI SOFT – Animation Director/Animation “Assassins Creed”

CCP games – Animation Director and Producer “DUST 514”



 David Anders – CEO KX Games USA 

David has over 20 years experience in developing and managing web based applications. With a deep understanding of the software development process David has both developed and managed multiple development teams and projects from project inception to completion. His experience includes:

Simon and Schuster Publishing

Skila International

Click Radio

David attended William Paterson University where his area of study was in  Corporate Finance.  He also holds a degree in Client/Server Application Development from The Chubb Institute.



杨云召  Yang Yun Zhao

Chief Technology Officer








彭睿  Rui

Director/Executive Producer








李文雄  Bear-Li









崔灿  Cui Can

Production Manager








闫瑞雪  Yan Rui Xue

Human Resources








刘龙  Liu Long

Lead Programmer






付松  Fu Song









周勇  Zhou Yong









马琴  Ma Qin

Lead Animator








李宝柱  Li Bao Zhu









余国耘  Yu Guo Yun









米楠  Mi

Concept Artist








周博  Zhou Bo

Lead 3D Artist








谭路  Tan Lu

3D Artist






田涵  Tian Han

3D Artist








袁洪刚  Yuan Hong Gang

Level Design














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